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Grandes escenas del cine (argazkietan)

1. Ghostbusters

2. Terminator

3. Star Wars

4. Inception

5. Back to the Future

6. Stanley Kubrick with his daughter on The Shining

7. Django Unchained

8. Planet of the Apes

9. The Godfather: Fish-line Bullet Holes

10. Titanic

P.S.: the re-release of Titanic in 3D revealed that there was enough place for both of them on that floating door.

11. The Lord of The Rings

12. The Muppet Movie

13. The Dark Knight

14. The Hobbit

15. E.T.

16. Superman

17. The Gate

18. Harry Potter

19. Filming The Empire Strikes Back Credits Roll

20. Jaws

21. The Matrix

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